Lilliputian Size Review: The Lone Ranger




Ok so, just saw this.


Sorry, spaced off there for a second. It was pretty good I must say. Very entertaining which was the point, right? The story was pretty good, had lots of side plots but it didn’t get confusing. Despite looking at Tonto in the beginning I thought looked a little ridiculous with the bird, thought they were just overdoing it. The pleased me by actually making the bird a really decent part of his character and not just some decoration.

Had some pretty humorous moments as well, the comedy was well put for many age groups to understand and laugh. The action was pretty awesome too, became quite elaborate at times but was all in good fun.

I like how the story was told as well, wasn’t just a movie. It was all a flashback from the man himself, Tonto to a little kid. Even goes a little bit back and forth with Tonto almost reenacting his story as it goes on. So that was kinda funny, but there was a part where a little prop from him telling the story was in the actual movie. A Peanut Bag, you’ll notice it when you watch it. Was kind of strange.

One more thing…Silver…the Lone Ranger’s horse…..was the funniest character in the whole movie. You’ll see why. I wanna see a movie about him.

Now, some complaints.
1. Despite falling off a long ways and being thrown around to land on hard surfaces…no injuries at all. Not even a bruise or for god sake a broken leg. You try falling off a fast moving train for about 30-40 feet and landing on a huge cart of silver rocks and not get hurt. Just try it.
2. Helena Bonham Carter was over sold in the previews. She was barely in it and frankly, the movie could be just as ok without her. Didn’t make that much of difference.
3. Despite Johnny Depp as Tonto being more interesting than The Lone Ranger himself, he’s the sidekick…so top billing didn’t make much sense (marketing complaint but still).
4. A big one for me was Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger…..he’s a whiner. Complains way too much and doesn’t have much of anything interesting to say anyway. Even ruins a few parts of the story because of his attitude towards criminals.

Rating: 4 Silver Bullets